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* The new Discipleship Pathway layout flipped Modules 2 & 5;

Module 5 is now Guidance and Module 2 is now Confession. If you were using the old version, skip back to module 2 to complete Confession and then continue on from Module 6! 

ASSIGNMENT: Before your next meeting, work through the Scripture Practices below. Also watch the video, Beginning, in preparation for the next meeting.


Meeting 1

DISCUSS: In this meeting, as the Discipler, you will share your Timeline and Life Theme with the disciple. Walk through your Life Turns and their descriptions, how they look on your Timeline, and your redeemed Negative Turns. Lastly, share your Life Theme and how you came about it.


Disciplers, if you have not completed a Timeline and Life Theme, see the resources, “Creating Your Timeline” and “Discerning a Life Theme”

ASSIGNMENT: Now it is time for you as the Disciple to create your own Timeline by using the resource below. Take note: it takes about 2 hours to complete the whole exercise, so be sure to set aside the time to do so! But if you ever need to pause and come back to it later, then that’s perfectly fine.

Creating Your Timeline

By Megan Koch, Inspired by Don Miller's Book Storyline: Finding Your Subplot in God's Story

One important aspect of following Jesus is understanding how God has used your life experiences to form you into who you are today. We often think our lives are chains of random, meaningless events. However, when we encounter Jesus, we realize that we have a God who is present in all of it—even the difficult times. We are often so overwhelmed with simply living our lives that we rarely have an opportunity to step back and ask, “What does it all mean?” This exercise will do just that.


You will identify 8-10 of the most pivotal events of your life story and plot them on a timeline, just like a screenwriter would do. (Some people may identify more than 10 events, some less.) Once you’ve identified these events, you’ll begin to build a redemptive perspective and recognize how God has used these seasons to shape you into who you are today. Once you see that, you’ll begin to understand your purpose and calling in new ways.


You’ll need to set aside about 2 hours to complete this timeline, so plan accordingly. Don’t rush. If you need to leave this project and come back to it again to complete it, please do so.

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