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Discipleship : Meeting 1

OUTCOME: The disciple establishes a meaningful friendship with his or her discipler.
At its core, discipleship is done through friendship. Therefore, an adequate place to start any disciple making effort is to establish a meaningful friendship! This beginning module is designed for the disciple and his or her discipler to get acquainted with one another (if they haven’t already), while also learning the ins and outs of what the discipleship relationship will look like.

Starter Questions

For the Discipler

• Where are you from? 

• What do you do?

• How long have you been attending your church? 

• Do you have any family? 

• What are your favorite hobbies? 

• What’s your story about how you came to Christ?

• What are you hoping to gain from this discipleship relationship?

• When are good times for us to meet?

• Where is a good place for us to meet?

In obedience to Jesus, I commit to discipling (name of disciple). I will make time to meet with them regularly, pray for them daily, come prepared to meetings, and be an exemplary model of Christian living.

Fill Out Form

Review the commitments of the Discipleship Covenants together (below). The discipler and disciple should sign and submit their covenant prior to the next meeting and moving forward in the pathway (see the link below).

For the Disciple

In obedience to Jesus, I commit to being discipled by (name of discipler). I will make time to meet with them regularly, complete assignments, come prepared to meetings, and follow their spiritual leadership. I will do all of this with the aim of becoming more like Jesus so that I can in turn disciple someone else.



OPTION 1: Watch the Discipleship Training Session 1 video by Pastor Jake Thurston from The Ransom Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Take notes and come prepared to discuss the video at your next meeting.

Discipleship Training, Session 1, with Jake Thurston

Option 2: Begin the Prayer Module.  If you and your discipler already feel acquainted enough and have a good grasp on discipleship already, then feel free to move along to Module 1 on Prayer. Watch the video, Voice by Pastor Phil Wiseman, Lead Pastor of Table Church to prepare you for this module. Write down a few thoughts to share at the next meeting.

Voice: by Megan Koch & Phil Wiseman, videography by Jay Wilde

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