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Discipleship : Meeting 4

DISCUSS the disciple’s Generosity Strategy. Consider running through the disciple’s answers to these questions:

• What will you give to? 

2. How much money will you give to your local church (Remember the principle on tithing.)

• How much time will you give to your local church? 


• How can you use your giftings to serve in your local church? 


• How often will you give your money, time, and talents? 


• How does all this challenge you? 


• What brings you the most joy in giving in this way?


• What are you most passionate about, within the church or outside of it? How can you be generous towards that passion?


• What are next steps in moving this generosity plan forward?

(Examples include setting up a regular rhythm of tithing, blocking out time in a calendar for serving, or talking with your church’s pastor on how to get involved on a serving team.



Use your remaining time to discuss any significant decisions, interactions, or challenges the

disciple is facing, and what God may be up to.


ASSIGNMENT: In preparation for the next module, listen the Steve DeNeff sermon, Seen to

Unseen, below.

01 Soul Shift_ Seen to Unseen (1)
00:00 / 46:07
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