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Discipleship : Meeting 4

DISCUSS the disciple's experience inviting someone to be their disciple.



1. How did it go? What is God up to in the midst of this new relationship? If “the ask” was disappointing, what encouragement might be needed? What’s next? 


2. After debriefing, spend time looking back on your time together and celebrate the ways you've both grown in your life with Jesus.


3. Pray for one another to close, and commission each other as one season closes and another opens.


4. If you are still looking for someone to disciple, consider talking with your pastor or church staff if they have any connections for you to disciple someone.

FINAL ASSIGNMENT: You’ve completed the Discipleship Pathway! Submit the Discipleship Pathway Completion Form located below before you leave your meeting today. This lets us know you’ve completed your journey. Thank you, and congratulations! Now, go make more disciples!


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