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Matthew 28:19–20

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

The final command of the risen Christ is to make disciples. Yet, it seems that for all our programs, structures, processes, and budgets, the Church today has largely lost sight of this vision. Therefore, we are thrilled that you have taken up the call to obey this foundational command. You’re going to make a disciple!


A disciple is a follower of Jesus who lives like Jesus did. Discipleship, then, is one Jesus follower helping another Jesus follower become more like him. It is the journey of digging deeper into others’ faith so they may reach out to others and do the same. History has proven itself that the best way to grow in Jesus and experience life change is through one-on-one discipleship between two believers. Likewise, the Church movement has expanded at rapid rates because of the multiplication involved in disciples who make disciples who make disciples.


But how does one disciple somebody? There are undoubtedly many approaches to discipleship, with just as many areas of the Christian life to cover. That is why we’ve designed The Discipleship Pathway. This tool serves as a simple and accessible guide for a discipler to foster the spiritual growth of a disciple, holistically and sustainably, with the challenge for the disciple to make disciples built in.


The Discipleship Pathway is outcome based. Each module has a desired outcome for the disciple to embody. Each meeting’s discussion and assignment are meant to help the disciple establish the outcome in his or her life. However, the discipler has total freedom to adjust assignments, rework discussions, and customize practices to better help the disciple accomplish the outcome.

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Meet one-on-one

The Discipleship Pathway is best done one-on-one. While there are many great studies and tools for group-based discipleship, this tool is designed for a discipler and disciple.

Set the Pace

It’s recommended the discipler and disciple meet weekly or bi-weekly. The Pathway consists of 4 meetings per module, meaning it could take 11-12 months to complete the Pathway. That might seem like a really long time—but the friendship between discipler and disciple will be unlike any other. You’ll be amazed at the spiritual growth over the course of the year—both for the disciple and the discipler!

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If there is a topic a disciple wants to dive into deeper, check out the recommended resources for further study at the bottom of each module. There you will find links to books, sermons, videos, or blogs that expound on the principles for that module.

Keep a Journal

While the Pathway is designed to be easily accessed from a mobile device, the discipler and disciple will need a journal or notetaking app to complete assignments, take notes, and track progress over the course of the Pathway.

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