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*NOTE: The new Discipleship Pathway layout flipped Modules 2 & 5;

Module 5 is now Guidance and Module 2 is now Confession. If you were using the old version and starting Module 5, complete the below module on Confession in its place, and then continue on with Module 6. 


OUTCOME: The disciple understands and practices a life of confession within community. 

“Confession.” The word makes us want to run and hide. Nobody naturally wants to be vulnerable with their faults! However, we must realize that we arrive at healing and wholeness only by taking the road of vulnerability: to open up ourselves and reveal how we’re truly doing. In this module, the disciple will walk this road with the discipler as their fellow traveler and guide. Remember, confession isn’t just about guilt; it’s also a gift. Through it, we find not only freedom from sin, but also healing in our relationships.

For Further Study

Want to dive deeper into prayer?  Check out the recommended

books and resources at the bottom of the page.

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For Further Study

Want to dive deeper into prayer?  Check out these recommended books and resources:

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Wounded Healer.jpg
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