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Meeting 2

Discuss the following questions from the Discipleship Training Session 1 video.

Starter Questions

1. What stuck with you the most from the video?

2. List some examples from your own life where you needed training. It could be for a job, orientation for school, or hobbies, like riding a bike or playing the saxophone. Why was your training essential to learning these activities?

3. How could discipleship be a form of “training”?

4. Read Matthew 28:18-20. Then review the three key phrases for why we’re called to discipleship:

    (1) “All authority has been given to me” / God commands discipleship
    (2) “Make Disciples” / Discipleship matures faith
    (3) “Go” //Discipleship fuels mission


5. God commands discipleship because Jesus’ cultural context—over 2,000 years ago—understood discipleship as the key to life transformation. Masters did everything with their disciples, from training them how to do their jobs to teaching wisdom for character development.  As Pastor Jake said, “Discipleship was, and still is, the most efficient method for life transformation.” How could this be the case?

6. It would be a lot more efficient if God just snapped his fingers and made us more like him. But instead he chooses to use us to help others grow. Why do you think God trusts human beings so much to help each other grow in their faith?

7. “Making disciples” is all about maturing faith, and it’s done by digging deep into the things of God. What are some specific ways you would like to grow deeper in your faith?

Discipler Tip: These things include prayer, reading Scripture, confession, Sunday worship, serving, ministry, contemplation, guidance, community, Sabbath, seeing God in the everyday, hearing God’s voice, sitting in God’s presence, etc. 

8. The command to “Go” is designed to fuel mission. Fueling mission, then, simply means reaching out to others. How could you foresee people maturing in their faith from discipleship, inspiring them to reach out and do the same for someone else? Question over this.

9. Discuss what your hopes are for this discipleship relationship together. How are you hoping to grow? What are you hoping to learn?

DISCIPLER: To conclude your discipleship meeting, remind your disciple to keep in mind that they will someday disciple another person themselves—because that’s how discipleship multiplication works! Disciples ought to make disciples who make disciples. That’s how movements are born.

Ask your disciple how they feel about the thought of reaching out and discipling someone else in the future. Remind them that it doesn’t have to happen immediately! But someday, they get to walk through this journey with someone else—and it will be one of the most exciting things they could ever be a part of.

ASSIGNMENT: Watch the Discipleship Training Session 2 video by Pastor Jake Thurston from The Ransom Church. Take notes and come prepared to discuss the video at your next meeting.

Discipleship Training, Session 2, with Jake Thurston

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