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Discipleship : Meeting 4

Spend time discussing the disciple’s sabbath experience. What difficulties did they face? What blessings did they receive? How did they feel re-energized for his or her week? How will the disciple continue a rhythm of Sabbath moving forward?

Then, discuss these simple questions about the gratitude excerpt:



1.  Why should gratitude be viewed as a spiritual discipline?

2.   How can you see gratitude functioning as an act of self-denial?

3.  Spend some time listing off things you’re grateful for, no matter how big or small they may seem—even if some of those things are in the midst of difficulty.

4.  How could you see making a habit of gratitude playing a positive influence on your life?

Spend the remainder of time discussing any significant decisions, interactions, or challenges the disciple is facing, and what God may be up to. 

ASSIGNMENT: Watch the Script video below in preparation for Module 4.

Roots Script by Phil Wiseman, videography by Jay Wilde

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