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Meeting 1

ASSIGNMENT: Complete the Looking Back practice, located below. Also, begin to pray about who you will invite into a discipling relationship, if you have not already made a disciple during your own journey. (You’ll invite someone onto the Pathway before Meeting 10.4.)

Looking Back

By Megan Koch

“The way of Jesus cannot be imposed or mapped — it requires an active participation in following Jesus as he leads us through sometimes strange and unfamiliar territory, in circumstances that become clear only in the hesitations and questionings, in the pauses and reflections where we engage in prayerful conversation with one another and with him.” ― Eugene H. Peterson, The Jesus Way


As we transition from one season to the next, it is incredibly helpful to look back to the beginning of the journey to appreciate how far we’ve come. Change happens slowly; we don’t always notice how much God has done. Take out your journal and any materials you’ve kept with you throughout the Pathway. Use this guide to review all nine of the previous modules and remember the practices and outcomes you’ve completed along the way. Take some notes in your journal for each module and come to your next meeting ready to discuss it with your discipler.


Here are some helpful questions to consider for each module:

What were the high points for this module? Why?

Where do you still have unanswered questions or frustrations?

What did Jesus say to you through these practices and conversations?

Did God ever use everyday life experiences to illustrate the heart of the module and teach you something?

What did your discipler give you through this module’s discussions? 

Think back to “before” this module and after. Are you different? How?



The disciple establishes a meaningful rhythm of daily prayer.

• Explored practicing a conversational relationship with God.

• Tried out many different practices of prayer.

• Created a daily prayer rhythm.



With the help of a guide, the disciple discerns their unique role within God’s story.

• You created a timeline of the high and low points of your life.

• You established a life theme.



The disciple learns the value of denying themselves for the sake of God and others.

• You read and discussed Henri Nouwen’s The Selfless Way of Christ.

• You practiced fasting.



The disciple learns the grand narrative of the Bible and forms a daily rhythm of scripture reading and study.

• You practiced interactive scripture study and experimented with practices like

Inductive Bible Study, and Lectio Divina.



The disciple understands and practices a life of confession within community.

• You explored the idea of Holy Confrontation.

• You practiced a nightly prayer of examen.

• You practiced forgiveness.



The disciple embodies the freedom of generosity.

• You studied the parable of the Good Samaritan.

• You completed an addiction inventory.

• You explored giving to your local church.



The disciple is aware of God’s presence in all things and is eager to engage with him.

• You looked for God in everyday life.

• You considered a biblical view of work, and finding God in your daily work.

• You looked for God in rest.

• You learned about restorative prayer.



The disciple realizes the joy of creating belonging in the family of God.

• You practiced sharing your faith.

• You learned to look for people of peace and engage with them.

• You learned about the link between evangelism and biblical hospitality.



The disciple commits to being a tangible part of the solution for an injustice in the world.

• You studied the biblical concept of shalom.

• You processed Tim Keller’s sermon, Generous Justice.

• You established your unique call to engage with justice right now.

Meeting 2

ASSIGNMENT: Watch the Missional Velocity video by Alan Hirsch located below. Take notes using the Missional Velocity Video Questions located on Module 10 Meeting 3. Come ready to discuss it with your discipler at your next meeting.


Also, continue to pray about who you will invite into a discipling relationship, if you have not already made a disciple during your own journey. (You’ll invite someone onto the Pathway before Meeting 10.4.)

Missional Velocity video, with Alan Hirsch

Meeting 3

ASSIGNMENT: If you haven’t done so already, invite someone onto the Discipleship Pathway

this week. Come ready to discuss any updates or questions you may have with your disciple next week.

Meeting 4

FINAL ASSIGNMENT: You’ve completed the Discipleship Pathway! Submit the Discipleship Pathway Completion Form located below before you leave your meeting today. This lets us know you’ve completed your journey. Thank you, and congratulations! Now, go make more disciples!


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