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Discipleship : Meeting 4

DISCUSS your experience with intercessory prayer. Go through what and whom you prayed for. What were some of the issues you prayed about? Who were some of the people? And what insights did you learn from it?

After you’re done debriefing your intercessory prayer exercises, work through these discussion questions together:



1. Why is it so important we pray for others, when they could pray to God themselves?

2. Why do you think God waits to hear our prayers before he works in other people?

3. This week, we practiced intercessory prayer during our prayer times each day. But what can praying for others look like outside of our designated “prayer time?”


(Discipler Tip: Praying in the car, praying with someone after they identify a problem, praying as a family for dinner, etc)

4.  Read John 17. How do you see Jesus practice intercessory prayer in this passage?

5.  How are you going to make intercessory prayer—or praying for other people—a part of your regular prayer rhythms?

ASSIGNMENT: Review everything you have experienced with prayer this month. What worked? What didn’t? Make note of all these things, and complete your Daily Prayer Rhythm attached below. 


Finally, watch the video Gift in preparation for the next module on Confession.

Roots written by Phil Wiseman, videography by Jay Wilde.

My Daily Prayer Rhythm

By Megan Koch

It is best to have some way of focusing ourselves in prayer, so that we don’t get bored or our minds wander aimlessly. For example, you might use a prayer list each day. You might journal your prayers, or use the Lord’s prayer as a framework. Describe your strategy for focused prayer below: 


Example 1: Starting in silence, reading a Scripture passage, and then praying through a list of prayer requests. 

Example 2: Do a breathing prayer for 2 minutes in solitude, pray to God for personal requests, then pray for others’ requests. Will also commit to praying while driving in the car by myself.

1. The best time of day for me to participate in focused prayer is: ________________________


2. The best space for me to participate in focused prayer is: _________________________

3. Write down your ideal daily prayer rhythm. What would you like to include in your prayer time? _______________________________________________________


Gift video: written by Megan Koch, Phil Wiseman, & Jake Thurston.

Videography by Jay Wilde.

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