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Module 6

Meeting 2

DISCUSS the disciple’s experience with the Addiction Inventory. It will be helpful to have the resource available for reference. This is a great opportunity to practice confession with your disciple and discipler. Be sure to trust them, listen intently, and don’t be quick to fix things. Be open, honest, and loving.

1.  What was most revealing about this exercise?


2. What issues, addictions, destructive habits, baggage, or sin cycles did the inventory reveal?


3. The disciple should be able to answer these questions with the discipler’s help:

What “has” you? 

Why does it have you? (How did this addiction come about) 


How does this rob you from living a generous life of freedom?


Can you imagine life without it? What would be the positive changes in your life if you were to be free from it?


4. Is the disciple willing and ready to take a step to cut ties with the behavior or sin cycle and take an action step toward freedom this week?



Decide on the step and make a plan on how to tackle it. If you’re in need of some resources for particular struggles or addictions that surfaced during your conversation, check out this list below to get started:

Extra Resources

1. Chemical & Substance Abuse (Drugs & Alcohol)

• Local Recovery Groups (Ransom Recovery, Celebrate           

• Recovery, local church ministries, AA, etc)

2. Finances

• Financial Peace University /fpu#in-progress=0

• Ron Blue Institute

3. Eating habits & issues


4. Co-dependency (Overly relying on others)

• Local recovery groups (Ransom Recovery, Celebrate

• Recovery, local church mnistries)

5. Grief & loss

• Grief Share

• Divorce Care

6. Emotional Baggage (Depression, Anger, Self-Image)

• To Write Love On Her Arms 

7. Sexual Addiction (porn, relationships, etc)

XXX Church

• Conquer Series 

Covenant Eyes

8. Media (Social Media, Cell Phones, TV)

• Screen Time features on iPhones & Android devices

ASSIGNMENT: Watch the video, Giving to Your Local Church, below. Return to your next meeting ready to discuss it with your discipler.

Giving to Your Local Church by Phil Wiseman. Videography by Jake Thurston.

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