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* The new Discipleship Pathway layout flipped Modules 2 & 5;

Module 5 is now Guidance and Module 2 is now Confession. If you were using the old version, skip back to module 2 to complete Confession and then continue on from Module 6! 


While we are meant to have union with God personally, we are also meant to be in communion with other people. God designed us for community because it is our spiritual friends—brothers and sisters in Christ—who often serve as the voice of God for our own lives. More often than not, our growth in Christ happens through the guidance of others who make sense of what’s going on in our life, see how it fits within God’s story, and challenge us with next steps. Put simply, we need each other.

In this module, the disciple will learn how a spiritual friend can see God at work in his or her life that the disciple may have never noticed before. The disciple will plot out the main events of his or her life in a timeline, and with the discipler, discern God’s presence and purpose through it all—the good and the bad. Finally, the disciple will learn about the importance of finding community within the body of Christ as another way for guidance.

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